SG Elections: New media elections

Singaporeans will be going to the polls in about six day’s time. This time, the elections have taken on a multi-dimensional approach as new media has come to the fore. During each rally each night, thousands of images, tweets and Youtube videos would be uploaded, shared, and commented on.

From Facebook fan pages for various political parties and specific politicians and activists, to YouTube videos, to live streaming of political rallies, to multiple blogs and viral images, there is no doubt that the power of new media is a force to be reckoned with.

I’ve listed below some of the many links that will help you get a handle on the politics of new media and the new media of politics!

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Facebook, YouTube the new battlegrounds in Singapore elections

Social media: The new battleground in Singapore elections

Egypt protests with new media

The world is reeling from the shockingly quick descent of Egypt into chaos and destruction as the country implodes with riots and violence, with many of the Egyptians calling for President Hosni Mubarak to step down.

New media platforms in the likes of Facebook and Twitter have been added to the heady mix of volatile politics in the region. Often seen as tools for democratisation that give voice to the everyman, Facebook and Twitter were used by the Egyptians to stir up sentiments against Mubarak, and garner supporters to organise anti-government protest marches. This resulted in the government shutting down the Internet, adding much fuel to the already raging fire of hatred and discontentment.

To add to all this is Kenneth Cole’s infamous tweet: 

Millions are in uproar in #Cairo,” the tweet read. “Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online at -KC

Kenneth Cole angered many, who saw him capitalising and trivialising the Eyptian political crisis. Cole has since tweeted his apology. An obviously offended person actually put up the tweet on one of the store windows. Cole has tweeted that it was a prank and that he was not responsible for the inappropriate store display.

Looks like Kenneth Cole’s new media faux pax serves as important lessons in new media PR for all. On, what a twit, er, I mean, tweet.

We can continue to follow the unfolding situation in Egypt through tweets: and Youtube is also full of videos showing angry protests in Cairo. The political struggle is also one played out in new media.

The Digital Story of the Nativity

Christmas may be over, but then there are 12 days of Christmas, and it’s never too late to look at this interesting video!

Actually, I see it more as a Christmas story for Digital Natives! While the format has been updated with new media, the traditional values and message still remain and are important.

Have a blessed Christmas and happy new year, everyone!

Charice Pempengco to join the cast of GLEE

Philippine teen singing sensation Charice Pempengco will be joining the cast of GLEE, the hit musical TV series for its Season 2. What’s this got to do with new media?

The thing is that Charice Pempengco was relatively unknown and shot to fame because of Youtube.  I have written many previous posts on how Youtube and other new media sites have helped to launch the careers of many artistes and Charice is yet another one.

Since gaining her Youtube fame, she has gone on to be invited to talk shows with hosts such as  Oprah and Ellen, which has undoubtedly catapulted her to greater heights!

How she got to be on GLEE is quite a strange story. Apparently, she heard rumours that she was going to be on GLEE and after hearing them,  decided to audition for the show and promptly got the part.

And how did we learn about her new role – from her use of new media of course. She announced it on Twitter.

Here’s another clip of her exceptional talent!

Everything I learnt, I learnt from Youtube

Before the age of new media, it was not uncommon for one to hear the declaration “Everything I learnt, I learnt from TV.”

Now, it’s more like “Everything I learnt, I learnt it from the Internet” or more specifically, from Youtube!

I’ve written in a previous post about how I learnt chi running from Youtube. You can learn practically anything fom Youtube – Maths, English, communication skills, sports, you name it, it’s on Youtube!

And you can find a plethora of videos on music! I’ve heard people mentioning about how they learnt to play the guitar and even the drums from Youtube videos. I’ve just taken up playing the ukelele at the Ukelele School, so naturally, I’ve also turned to Youtube for inspiration and added instruction and I found an exciting range of videos to keep me going.

For detailed instructions, you can count on Ukelele Mike’s free subscription channel on Youtube.

He even has a Ukelele Beatles channel.

There are many blogs on the ukelele such as Ukelele and all that Jazz.

And I came across the cutest little ukelele player – not very coherent but so cute!

Here’s the little cute guy again!

Next is a not so little but equally cute Japanese guy, Jake Shimabukur, in an amazing display of how the ukelele could work as an effective communication and presentation tool! Watch and learn.

Finally, I found my dream Ukelele online! It’s the cutest little thing, don’t you agree.

Now, all that is left is for me to actually pick up the instrument and start learning the chords and strumming! Hm..if i’m good enough, I may just post my own Ukelele video on Youtube!

Youtube fame for Taiwan’s ‘Susan Boyle’

Susan Boyle’s astounding rise to fame, thanks to Youtube, is still on many minds.

Now, a 24-year old Taiwanese male is set to follow her example. Lin Chu Yun, also known as ‘Taiwan’s Susan Boyle’ has wowed audiences with his amazing rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”. I’m sure Whitney would have been moved to tears! 

His singing of the song at the talent show, Super Star Avenue, on Youtube, has garnered more than 3 million hits to date, and still counting.

Again, just like in Boyle’s case, what has surprised judges and audiences is that his voice and his outlook doesn’t gel. If you didn’t look at him, you would have thought that it was Boyle, or even Whitney singing!

Well, Youtube has proven to be a good avenue to be known and to be heard by the world. Way to go!

Twitter and Facebook Wedding

Talk about your life being an open (face)book and how you could be tweeting your life away…I came across this wedding video on Youtube where just after the couple have exchanged their vows and are married, they both whip out their mobile devices to update their status on their social networking sites!

I don’t know if that’s cute or sad…

One wonders what their friends will hear of next…what they did on their honeymoon, their first quarrel, what they feel about the in-laws, etc, etc…Talk about how one can be so intimately entwined with new media!

New Media TIME

Some people must be wondering why they should continue with their subscription to Time magazine, or any other print publication when you can get informed and connected in so many other ways!

There is an online TIME where you can get TIME on Facebook; Twitter. Not only that, TIME is also available in the form of mobile updates; RSS and widgets and online newsletters. And then there’s TIME on Youtube and podcasts!

Here’s a Youtube reporting on test-driving the new Beatles rock band!

Traditional print media is increasingly supplemented by new media. That seems the way to go, as publications embark on new media ways to connect with their ‘digital native’ audiences.

Will I soon be ending my subscription to the print version? No, I don’t think so. At least not yet.

Evian’s social media marketing with “Roller Babies”

A one-minute video clip by Evian has been making waves on the Internet.

How so? It’s the new Evian ad that has been launched on Youtube. Of course that in itself is not new. Nor will it always make for a successful viral marketing campaign.

Add the cutest babies doing sleek and smooth rollerblading stunts, and you have a sure winner on hand!

The cute, chubby and charismatic babies dazzle with their cool moves! The producers hired about 800 bloggers to launch the ad campaign online and this advertising campaign using social media has proven to be a great success! The ad is also one of the most watched videos on Youtube.

There’s even a video that shows the ‘making of’ the ad as well! It acts like a certain part 2 of the campaign.

There are two versions of the Evain ad: the International version that starts with Let’s observe the effect of Evian on your body and the US version that starts with How does drinking Evian make you feel? This is followed to a series of shots showing the babies breakdancing, moonwalking and all to the Rapper’s Delight.

Well, I like Evian but does anyone actually think that Evian is the elixir of youth? Do the producers think that anyone would fall for that line?

Of course not, but then, when you have such cute and bubbly babies that lift your spirits, who cares!

Susan Boyle’s Youtube Way to Fame

In a post some time back, I wrote about the Youtube way to Math fame.

Now, a lady in her 40s who took part in Britain’s Got Talent is on her way to phenomenal Youtube success and also real-life success. An Internet clip of her audition has garnered 85.2 million hits!

That’s definitely one for the history books! She’s even got her own Susan Boyle wikipedia entry, and she’s not even won the competition yet.

In a way, it’s not hard to understand the appeal of Susan Boyle. She looks as un-singer/pop star as can be, and therein lies the appeal. When she sings, people listen, and jaws drop (view the video clip if you don’t believe me.) Even the usually caustic Simon Cowell is speechless, and he’s already considering signing her on and planning her album!

So, even if doesn’t win the the competition, she’s won already.