Is Facebooking a disease?

We have discussed on several occasions previously, the irony of how increased social networking could lead to less face-to-face communication and thus could in fact make a person less sociable!

A recent news report on Social Networking = disease? has highlighted that excessive social networking and reduced face-to-face contact could have more than a social impact.

It could actually hurt your health and cause health risks like dementia or stroke! As people spend long hours online, they have less time for exercise and other physical activities. Not only that, the social isolation that results from reduced contact with others could impair genes that help to fight diseases.

Now, it seems that social networking can also hurt the health of your computers. It seems that facebook is linked to social networking diseases and also causing your PC to be a target of more computer viruses.

So, next time you are on social networking sites such as Facebook, remember to spend time on them in moderation, lest you want to become less sociable, less healthy, and more alienated, and I believe these are the things that you never expected or wanted when you logged on to a social networking site!