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Some people must be wondering why they should continue with their subscription to Time magazine, or any other print publication when you can get informed and connected in so many other ways!

There is an online TIME where you can get TIME on Facebook; Twitter. Not only that, TIME is also available in the form of mobile updates; RSS and widgets and online newsletters. And then there’s TIME on Youtube and podcasts!

Here’s a Youtube reporting on test-driving the new Beatles rock band!

Traditional print media is increasingly supplemented by new media. That seems the way to go, as publications embark on new media ways to connect with their ‘digital native’ audiences.

Will I soon be ending my subscription to the print version? No, I don’t think so. At least not yet.


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6 Responses to New Media TIME

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  2. Benjamin says:

    Old but still kickin’

  3. Syabrina says:

    In my opinion, more and more people would read the TIMES magazine online. It is because the world is growing very fast and peopl might not have the time to get a hard copy of the TIMES magazine at any bookstores or shops. Furthermore, almost all of us carries a laptop or own a smart phones/iPhones where we can just read any of the articles in online TIMES at any time and anywhere we like. This will also safe time and cost as we don’t need to pay to read the magazine.

  4. y-leng says:

    It fasicnate me how New media can be very useful in advertising industry. TIME is a great example, how it uses New Media to connect to more wide range of audiences. Yeah guess this will be a great marketing tool as well for companies to promote their products(:

  5. Jovita says:

    I think this is a prime example of multimedia integration where a company uses different forms of media as platforms to showcase their product or services. Great effort by TIME in keeping up with the times!

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