This is a blog about blogging and all issues related to the blogosphere. 

The author goes by the moniker Blogscape Artist in the blogosphere, and is a.k.a S. Low while offline. The author lives and works in Singapore. 

I hope that this blog will help in the exploration of the ever-expanding blogscape out there, and it is also my hope that you will join me in this journey of discovery.”

Blogscape Artist

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  2. davidhead says:

    I wonder if you would be kind enough to consider becoming one of our ‘1001 bloggers’ at http://mencap.wordpress.com

    My apologies if I’ve asked you this before. Through the site we are hoping to link 1001 people who blog regularly and I picked up your blog through the ‘blogosphere’ tag on the wordpress homepage.

    Please take a look and consider joining. Let me know what you think.

    Do email me at david [at] theheads.co.uk if you would like to know more. If you can link to the site or forward this message to others I’d be very grateful.

    Kind regards

    david [at] theheads.co.uk

  3. 2-ton says:

    Thanks for the comment re:WWRY. How’s about a blog reviewing the show!

  4. 2ton says:

    Just a thought on the subject of blogging and the internet. I notice that some musicians (and bloggers too) seem to gather lots of fans just by a big internet presence, while others do not seem to be able to go viral. I suppose it’s not just the quality of their music, but perhaps the type of fans they have. Some fan groups are just not as much into the internet as others. Like me, I am the only one in my circle of personal friends and family that is an internet junkie, or that even have a blog…I am sure they think I am a bit odd. But my grandkids, all their friends are online all the time, not only interacting with each other but blogging, using social networks, finding music, videos and such. So basically, I am thinking that age, economic,social, and personality groups have a lot to do with the internet community statistics at this point in time. And that this has a big effect on blogging, who blogs and what they blog about. Reading your column brought this idea into my head…that people who use the internet for promotion need to think about this.

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  6. 2ton says:

    The new media. When I went back to school in the 90’s to finish my degree, I had to do an independent study on internet in regards to marketing…which was just starting to bloom back then. Who knew what I thought might be the in future would actually come true, and so quickly! Well, I guess this actually has no bearing on the subject of blogging, but at least it is internet related! BTW, I love the term blogosphere…better than the already taken ideas you tried to use. It’s a more all-encompassing term.

  7. 2ton says:

    Oops, I meant the term blogscape…not sphere…gotta stop typing faster than I think!

  8. blogscapes says:

    Hi 2ton,

    In a way, you were ahead of your time then! But isn’t it good that what you were studying has now come in handy?

    Thanks, glad you like Blogscapes!

  9. 2ton says:

    I don’t blog. Not in the usual sense. (and not counting the graphic based blogs I do to spread the word about MiG) I don’t write because I never can think of what to say — unless I am driving, lol. As much as I loved university, I hated that I had to write papers for.every.class. I never could think of what to say. Even after I got a start on a paper, I found I could say all I wanted in one small paragraph and found it hard to flesh it out to a page or two, I felt like I was just adding extraneous fluff. But I do like to post comments because the subjects are already suggested, the theme has started my brain on a roll. So, actually, my comments are my way of blogging, I guess. Another type of blogging, eh? But then it’s like I am hijacking someone else’s blog, which is not necessarily a good thing.

  10. DSvT says:

    hi, You just live at the country beside mine. Nice to meet you~

  11. blogscapes says:

    Well, by adding to comments, in a way you are adding to a blog! I don’t see it as hijacking but keeping the online blog conversation going.


  12. Jensen says:

    Actually, i feel that the comments on the blog are the interaction parts of a blog. Sometimes, comments are the exact elements that keep a blog lively, or even alive. Oftentimes, comments and tags motivate the blogger to continue blogging and updating. Therefore i feel that comments play an important role in the blogging world too.

  13. Jensen says:

    May I at the same time inquire about when the next post would be up? In actual fact, i try my best to visit this blog at least once a day. So i do look forward to new posts so that i can post my comments. I’m quite certain 2ton would be looking forward to the new post too.

  14. blogscapes says:

    You are right, Jensen. Comments on blogs do keep the online conversation going, and they are great encouragement to bloggers too. However, it looks like many readers are still not in the habit of leaving comments on blogs. Hopefully, that will change with some further awareness of new media.

    Thanks for your enquiry on the next post! I know I’ve committed one of the cardinal sins of bloggers – of not being consistent in posting. Too many other things cropping up! But having said that, I usually am pretty consistent with at least one post per week. Yes, hope to put up the next post soon!

  15. Jensen says:

    i really do look forward to the next post. A suggestion to you, the new topic could be a little discusion about what is the term “ban”, and how it is used in new media as a form of law enforcement. Perhaps you would also like to touch on “how to determine what should be banned and what should not be, as well as who should do the banning”.

    Another topic of interest might be the uses of new media in propagation of good habits like sleeping early and eating healthy, and whether it is effective. In addition, you could touch on “possibility of using the new media as a form of ‘getting-closer’ to the public, especially the youths, in order to convince them that the good habits benefit them.

    I hope that the above suggestions assist you in finding a topic, especially with all those activities and commitments swarming you and occupying your schedule.

  16. blogscapes says:

    Hi Jensen,

    Glad to know that you look out for the new posts.

    Well, as for your question about the word ‘ban’, perhaps it’s too strong a word, as in a way, how could such a ban be enforced? Perhaps, ‘barred’ may be a better word. That could come about through terms in work contracts perhaps, as some companies do have clear policies with regards to the staff and new media such as blogging about work.

    Thanks for all your suggestions. You seem pretty into those – perhaps you would want to write something on those and invite others for a discussion.

    Often, it’s not so much the lack of topics to write on, but the time to sit down and write. Thanks again for the reminder about regular posting!

  17. Benson Ang says:

    Hi S Low, I’m Benson Ang, a reporter from The Straits Times, Life! section. I would like to interview you for an article, specifically on the things you have learnt from YouTube. Hope you can call me at 63195571 as soon as possible and we can discuss this. Thanks so much.

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