Youtube education: Chi Running

I remember hearing the comment made by some people, that everything they needed to know, they could learn it on TV. Now, those were the days before the Internet.

Now, the same can be said of the Internet! In fact, I do believe you can learn even more from the Internet, and some have also conducted experiments to show that you can live soley via the Internet without even having to step out of your house, what with online shopping, social networks and all! Looks like the Internet can answer your social, entertainment and even physical needs.

We all know that the Internet is one of the most favourite places to go to for research (it used to be the library, no?) and one wonders what days are like BG (before – Google). I should know – I have been through those dark days prior to the advent of the Internet, and yet, those days seem like light years ago!

Anyway, the point I want to make is that it’s now so easy to find information on the Web. And now with videos like on Youtube, you not just get to read about something, you get to watch it too. Recently, I’ve started trying to find out more about Chi running, which is touted as a new style of running that makes you go faster, longer without the hurt (which is SO important!) And very importantly too, it’s been said to be of great help to people who don’t run and who have just started running (ie, people like ME!).

Well, I read parts of the book, but for something like running, you have to try it, you know what I mean? And just following the book isn’t the same thing. I wanted to see some action, and to know what are the right moves to make, and you know what, I realised that that there’s a whole list of videos in Youtube with people showing you how to do Chi running! Of course, it would be best to participate in a class and have a coach tell you how you are doing, (but we don’t have that here in Singapore currently), the next best thing is to watch chi running in action, and the Youtube videos are great for that. At least, now, I have a better idea of the posture to adopt when doing chi running.

A thing to note though is the need to sieve through the info online and check for accuracy. And just as you would cross-reference texts, both print and online ones, you would also want to do some triangulation of sorts with the videos, and make sure that you are getting videos of ‘legit’ and ‘credible’ sources, and what they are all saying about the same thing should be the same!

Here are some useful videos I came across on Chi running. Do suggest more if you know of any. Now, I just have to stop watching the videos and get my butt off the couch and go running!

Danny Dreyer – Chi Running

Chris Griffin teaches ChiRunning

Chi Running, Learn the basic ChiRunning posture


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6 Responses to Youtube education: Chi Running

  1. Much thanks for these links. Am from India. For cities like where I live (Bangalore), there isn’t anybody who has heard about Chi running at all, leave alone teach it. Videos are our only hope.

    – Sandip

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  3. jia hui says:

    Hey are you practicing chi-running still? I am just starting to pick up the technique and I was wondering if anyone is doing that in Singapore as well! so have you mastered the technique?

  4. blogscapes says:

    Hi Jia Hui,

    So far, I read the book and watched the video and tried it out. I can’t say that I have mastered it but have been trying to follow the posture based on what I have read/seen and I think it has helped. I tried to look for people who coach using it but have not seen anyone doing it. I think a coach was brought in a couple of years ago when the method was popular.

    Hope the videos I have provided here help!

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