The Digital Story of the Nativity

Christmas may be over, but then there are 12 days of Christmas, and it’s never too late to look at this interesting video!

Actually, I see it more as a Christmas story for Digital Natives! While the format has been updated with new media, the traditional values and message still remain and are important.

Have a blessed Christmas and happy new year, everyone!


‘Crossroads of the East 1938’ heritage video on Youtube

Recently, I caught a news article about a heritage video of Singapore, entitled Crossroads of the East 1938 that  has been found on Youtube.  It’s an interesting take on old Singapore from a colonial perspective, and offers a great source as a video for NE!

Youtube does offer a treasure trove of interesting nuggets if you dig hard enough!

At this point, let me share with you my very own video. It’s my first digital story based on my trip to Israel. Hope you will enjoy it. It  goes to show how easy it is (well, not so much the creation of the digital story – from the writing, to recording, to editing, etc – all that took longer than I expected) to share your personal story with the world on Youtube!

It’s entitled Road to Emmaus


Shalom and Happy Easter!

Digital Storytelling

I’m happily overdosed on stories this week.

First, I attended the Asian Digital Storytelling Congress at the Arts House on 1 and 2 Sep, and I was treated to world class stotytellers that kept me spellbound and in awe with their wonderful tales and the amazing ways they brought their stories to life. I also had the chance to attend workshops conducted by these wonderful storytellers and I certainly hope that I will be able to at least do something of what they are doing! I was particularly taken by the animated and humorous performance of Bobby and Sherry Norfolk. Even Bobby’s telling of how he told the story of ‘Tilly’ to a group of students was something in itself!

Then, I attended the first Asian Digital Storytelling Congress at NLB on 5 and 6 Sep (these pst couple of days) and was introduced to a whole new way of telling stories and communicating with others.  People such as Denise Atchley, Leslie Rule, Tom Banaszewski and Helen Simonson have really been inspiring in how they have used digital stories as a tool of engagement not just for individuals but communities as well.

What’s also interesting is getting the chance to talk to the other participants and finding out how they have used or plan to use digital stories in their personal lives or work! I’ve also just joined the Facebook groups of the Digital Storytelling Singapore and Centre for Digital Storytelling !

Now, it’s not difficult to understand why some may see traditional oral forms of storytelling as being at odds with digital storytelling. After all, oral storytelling smacks of storytelling around the fire in ancient tribes and societies, while the digital story has its roots planted more recently with the advent of digital technology and hence, somehow suffers from an image problem of being cold and technical.

However, attending both the traditional and digital storytelling congress sessions this week has helped me to see the powerful similarities between the two and how both can complement each other for effective storytelling and communication. And while digital stories do require the use of technology, there’s nothing cold and clinical about it as the storytelling process and the story is all about humans and their relationships.

New media can be such a powerful platform for presenting both forms of storytelling! Central to both types of storytelling is the STORY! And it can find its form of expression through the voices of the storytellers, and while the traditional storyteller needs to conjure images and stir up our imagination, the digital storyteller needs to find the right images to evoke a range of emotional responses in viewers. Both indeed are powerful forms of creative expression and communication.

Discovering Digital Stories

I’m putting some links to useful resources as well as sites where one can easily get started sharing one’s story. These were shared by the good people at the congress! I hope that you, too, will be inspired to create your own digital story.

Asian Digital Storytelling Wikispace

Tech This Out

Teach Story

Centre for Digital Storytelling

KQEd Digital Storytelling

Social Media: Digital Storytelling

Were You There

Common Ties

Experience Project

With technology being so accessible nowadays – I mean, you don’t need to know a publisher or TV station to get published or showcased anymore, creating content is now in your hands. What are you waiting for? 

Oh yes, do remember to drop me a line with a link your digital story!