Twitter Dress

What in the world is a Twitter dress?

If you have not seen one yet, take a look at UK singer Imogen Heap’s strange outfit at the Grammys earlier this year.

Also known as the ‘Twitdress’, it’s seen as the first ever outfit to combine social media and fashion in interesting mix.

Twitter Dress

The dress is connected to the Internet and the collar she has around her neck displays the tweets and messages sent by her fans and she is also able to send tweets to update her fans – that’s real live action from the red carpet and stage! The dress is apparently designed by Waldermeyer, and it looks like the Twitdress not only causes talk, but talks as well, and we will be looking at more of such creations in the future.

Korean couple’s game addiction leads to death of daughter

The irony of it. 

A Korean couple have been arrested over the death of their 3-month old daughter. The baby died from malnutrution due to neglect by her parents who spent more time playing online games and nurturing a virtual child! The couple doted more on the avatar child , “a virtual girl character called “Anima” in “Prius Online”, a popular role-playing game in South Korea”.

Terrible as it is, one wonders if the news is that shocking, or was it something that was bound to happen, as game addicts in society increasingly lose connections with reality and succumb to the allure of the virtual world?

This case of game addiction and its terrible consequences is not an isolated one, and alarming news of game addiction has been increasing in Korea and many other parts of the world.

Let’s hope that this latest incident would be a wake-up call to game addicts and potential game addicts. The obsession with the online virtual world does have real consequences, and in this case, the death of the baby girl is very tragic and very real.