New Media Office Grapevine

Blogs have been used in many ways for many purposes. Blogs are used by individuals or groups for self expression and publishing; they are used by teachers and students in schools for educational purposes; they are used by corporations as part of advertising and social networking.

Many companies and institutions are increasingly turning to blogs as a way of communal sharing and community bonding – as a way of informing staff about what’s new, and what’s up in the company. In a way, the company or office blog serves as a new media way of the office grapevine!

Happenings in IIT!


Seductive Online Reading

For avid readers, nothing is more desirable than curling up on the sofa or on the bed with a good read in hand.

Now, with the Carte Noire Readers, that level of desirability has been taken up further a notch!  And online ‘reading’ has never been sexier!

Now, when you access the website, you can’t help but be seduced by the dark tones of the screen, like you were in a sturdy old library, with three pairs of piercing eyes staring at you.

Now, in case you are wondering what kind of site I’m talking about, the Carte Noire Readers is a new way of marketing coffee online!

In the website, we are told:

For a more seductive coffee break, watch The Carte Noire Readers read your favourite literary love scenes. Begin by choosing a Carte Noire Reader. There’s Dominic West, the cult star of the The Wire, Greg Wise of Sense and Sensibility and Dan Stevens of The Line of Beauty. Then, choose a love scene from a mix of classic, modern and emerging novels. Relax back with a rich, velvety mug of Carte Noire, and when you’re sitting comfortably, then he’ll begin.

New readings are released weekly, so give yourself your perfect coffee break every week to catch up on them.

The site then invites you to get up close to any of the readers.

And you are told how to achive the Carte Noire Moment:

Finding time for yourself is a precious luxury. So when you do, it’s worth truly indulging. Make yourself a rich mug of Carte Noire, sit back and take a moment to appreciate the luxurious, velvety flavours with deep aromas from the 100% Arabica bean blend. You can choose from Instant, Decaffeinated, Roast & Ground as well as the TASSIMO TDISC range, so whatever your style, you really can enjoy it everyday.

You can even be reminded of your weekly dose of readings by leaving your email address.

Mmmm….delish…well, I am no coffee drinker but there’s definitely something to be savoured here.