Evian’s social media marketing with “Roller Babies”

A one-minute video clip by Evian has been making waves on the Internet.

How so? It’s the new Evian ad that has been launched on Youtube. Of course that in itself is not new. Nor will it always make for a successful viral marketing campaign.

Add the cutest babies doing sleek and smooth rollerblading stunts, and you have a sure winner on hand!

The cute, chubby and charismatic babies dazzle with their cool moves! The producers hired about 800 bloggers to launch the ad campaign online and this advertising campaign using social media has proven to be a great success! The ad is also one of the most watched videos on Youtube.

There’s even a video that shows the ‘making of’ the ad as well! It acts like a certain part 2 of the campaign.

There are two versions of the Evain ad: the International version that starts with Let’s observe the effect of Evian on your body and the US version that starts with How does drinking Evian make you feel? This is followed to a series of shots showing the babies breakdancing, moonwalking and all to the Rapper’s Delight.

Well, I like Evian but does anyone actually think that Evian is the elixir of youth? Do the producers think that anyone would fall for that line?

Of course not, but then, when you have such cute and bubbly babies that lift your spirits, who cares!


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9 Responses to Evian’s social media marketing with “Roller Babies”

  1. 2ton says:

    Although it’s a very cute film, and has gone quite viral…will it sell Evian? Not to me, anyway. So even if it becomes a wildly successful campaign in how many people see it, how successful will it be at it’s intended purpose…selling their bottled water. That is the bottom line, IMO, and it remains to be seen if the marketing ploy works.

  2. blogscapes says:

    Hi 2ton,

    Thanks for your comment! Well, it remains to be seen if the ad does ultimately help sell the water, but in today’s age, where brands are all vying for attention, keeping your brand on people’s lips and creating a buzz will help to keep the brand alive and likely the sales too.

    But if people drink it, it’s not becos they think they can start rollerblading!

  3. Jensen says:

    Hello mdm,

    how are you? I think my blog is kind of dead. Really too busy with schoolwork to blog. So many relevant materials prepared over the months but really couldn’t find any time to upload them/type them out. I really admire your perseverence in blogging.


  4. blogscapes says:

    Hi Jensen,

    You should continue with your blog when you can – don’t give it up!

    I know I have not always been consistent with my blogging but I’m trying. Besides, there’s so much new media news all the time! Cheers!

  5. Joshua Chee says:

    No kidding on the baby thing! Seeing them really cheers you up.

  6. ayu says:

    the babies are super cute can? they made me (:!

  7. aslina says:

    the campaign of evian is actually to live young. having baies to do impossible dance moves through animation is irrelevent to the campaign in my opinion. living young is one thing and being a freak of nature is another.

  8. aslina says:

    and yes the babies are rilly rilly cute!

  9. Haseena says:

    “having babies to do impossible dance moves htru animations is irrevelent for this campaign”… i agree however, the tool(animations) that they have use for the advertisement is a great idea to capture audience attention.

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