Can’t live without the Web?

Hi there. I must apologise for the absence. Work pressures and other demands on my time have kept me from blogging. I know, I know, excuses. But they are true. Once upon a time, I would be so obsessive about updating my blog that I would feel uncomfortable about not getting online to update it. But then, real life pressures have caught up and face it, I have not been able to Facebook for a while too.

Of course, many of the young digital natives out there would be horrified at that thought! What, no blog updates, no Facebook update, and not even a Tweet for days, horrors, or weeks!

A recent article talks about how Asian youths can’t live with out TV and the Web. I am not surprised. I did a quick check amongst a group of young people just the other day and learnt  that many spent their waking hours while not in school or outside online. Once they are home, their computers/laptops/netbooks will be on. No wonder too that there’s growing concern about the use of energy to power up all these machines.

Hm..sometimes one wonders how it will all go – companies need to seek new ways to power up their systems – perhaps pedal power – get people off their feet and outdoors before they can go online. Win-win?