Fake Fann Wong on Twitter

What does Steve Jobs, Bill gates, Obama and Fann Wong have in common, besides the fact they are all celebrities in their own ways? Well, they have all had fake profiles created in their name.

Fake Steve Jobs lasted a really long time before people found him out.

The impersonating of these public people now take on new media proportions. Just a quick search shows up many fake sites including the ones on Fann Wong: http://twitter.com/fannwong; http://twitter.com/aggeltzimgr/statuses/8893187753; http://www.mahalo.com/fann-wong

Disgruntled fans are complaining and there are forums discussing the issue.

Well, I guess that’s part of the price of fame – you are bound to inspire imitators. The only thing is for your fans and loved ones to know you well enough to spot the real from the fake.