The Apps Way to Faith

Early Christian believers would have used the Appian Way on their pilgrimage when in Rome. For the modern day pilgrims, they have the Apps way to religion.

I have written before about how many religious organisations are using new media to reach out to people, and help connect them with their faith and religion. A recent article by the Straits Times wrote on the availability of phone apps that help users to connect better and grow their faith. Using iPhone apps, believers can now whip out their iPhones and other smartphones to read the bible, Koran or Buddhist tracts.

Just a quick check online shows the multitude of apps available to those who seek a higher connection. They allow you not just to read, but to bookmark, to make notes, to share notes and to even hear the verses being read aloud.

Some feel that new media and such devices help the young, especially, to enhance their faith, while others feel that using these new media tools detract from real faith.

As for me, I’m glad that I can now download my favourite sermons on my iPad, and flip to the right chapter and verse on my digital bible using my iPad app, and find the page where I left off with the help of my digital bookmark that does not slip out.

Whatever that helps you to enhance your relationship with God, I think that’s a step in the right direction.

New Media Faith

 I wrote previously about the Pope being on Youtube. Not surprising, many religious organisations have gone online and are using new media to reach out to the faithful!

I think it’s great that we can now listen to sermons online via podcasts, or even view services  online.  Many churches in Singapore have also started posting videos on Youtube, so that members of the congregation who missed the service or who want to watch or listen to it again can do so.

You can read or even view others’ testimonies online, or post your own at  You can even watch Miracle TV on Lighthouse Evangelism and view a youtube video on the Book of Revelation . And if you want to donate to the church, you can also do that online at

There are online bookstores where you can purchase books, CDs and more.

Some may say that  such online faith is only a substitute. Listening to a podcast or watching a Youtube video is not the same as going to church. But such online resources can be of great help. Church services could be on only once or twice a week, but online, you can get your faith messages at all times of the week! Church Facebook groups also help to connect  members of a congregation.

New media is making it convenient to have faith and build up faith. I think that’s a good thing, as long as it doesn’t become a convenient faith.

What do you think?