Newspapers like Straits Times and Today go Web 2.0

Popular local newspapers The Straits Times and Today have undergone some facelift and more! Their digital editions are going even more high-tech!

The Straits Times digital html version is now available for free for two weeks from 8 August. To complement their news, they now have RazorTV to bring videos, podcasts, blogs and forums to their viewers as well, probably inspired by the success of their citizenship-journalism portal Stomp.

Despite having many online and digital editions of publications, many still read the print versions. If not, all the print newspapers and magazines would have gone out of business long ago! Knowing that readers still prefer print versions, and also knowing that readers now are constantly on the move and want convenience and portability in their lives, the people at Today now have the Today Online Easy Reader  that allows us to read the digital edition and see it the way as you read it on print!

The application allows you to save the copy on your laptop and PC and read it any time and anywhere, and because of an intelligent feature, it will adjust the page to fit your screen so you never need to scroll!

I’m looking foward to many more Web 2.0 innovations!


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3 Responses to Newspapers like Straits Times and Today go Web 2.0

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  2. Kelly says:

    Hi, anyone can find Today newspaper dated 12 – 15 of October? Thanks.

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