The New Media way to Math fame

In previous posts, I’ve talked about different people achieving fame (or infamy), via new media, and the most common method of doing this is to put videos of themselves or their work on Youtube.

We’ve heard about actors and singers getting ‘discovered’ on Youtube, and writers being talent-spotted on their blogs.

One recent case is that of NUS undergrad Donovan Lee. The former NJC student was so disappointed that his 4As and 2 S papers were not enough to get him into an Ivy League, that he decided to record videos of himself in a series called Gaussian Math and post them on Youtube.

In his series of videos, he takes viewers through complex Mathematical concepts such as Vector Integral Calculus and Kepler’s Laws in a direct and engaging way. He’s hoping that the videos can add to his repertoir and achievements and help him get into a top school, very much like how writing a book, or making a documentary would help (and hey, we live in an age of new media, right, so why not Youtube your way to success?)

Interestingly, the videos are recorded in his bedroom in Bishan and he uses a whiteboard as a teaching aid. Donovan has acquired a fan base that stretches overseas.

Curious, I decided to take a look at some of the videos. Watching his video, you can see how his videos have been getting so many hits each day. The undergrad speaks clearly and in an engaging way and seems pretty personable. Educational and entertaining, not a bad combination to have. Well, even if he doesn’t get his spot in a top school, it’s likely that he’ll get a spot in showbiz as a presenter! Afterall, he’s already a guest speaker in his alma mater. 


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