Youtube fame for Taiwan’s ‘Susan Boyle’

Susan Boyle’s astounding rise to fame, thanks to Youtube, is still on many minds.

Now, a 24-year old Taiwanese male is set to follow her example. Lin Chu Yun, also known as ‘Taiwan’s Susan Boyle’ has wowed audiences with his amazing rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”. I’m sure Whitney would have been moved to tears! 

His singing of the song at the talent show, Super Star Avenue, on Youtube, has garnered more than 3 million hits to date, and still counting.

Again, just like in Boyle’s case, what has surprised judges and audiences is that his voice and his outlook doesn’t gel. If you didn’t look at him, you would have thought that it was Boyle, or even Whitney singing!

Well, Youtube has proven to be a good avenue to be known and to be heard by the world. Way to go!


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