MiG Ayesa and New Media


 I received an interesting comment from 2ton, with whom I’ve had a communication of sorts via our blogs and sites stemming from our shared interest in MiG and WWRY!

We both agree that MiG is such a whiz at using New Media. He’s on every social networking site (btw, I facebooked him and wrote on his facebook wall!), he’s got his own Youtube channel, he’s got multiple websites, not to mention those created for him by his many fans across the world! These will only help to spread his name and music around, through viral marketing via new media.

2ton writes:

“Just a thought on the subject of blogging and the internet. I notice that some musicians (and bloggers too) seem to gather lots of fans just by a big internet presence, while others do not seem to be able to go viral. I suppose it’s not just the quality of their music, but perhaps the type of fans they have. Some fan groups are just not as much into the internet as others. Like me, I am the only one in my circle of personal friends and family that is an internet junkie, or that even have a blog…I am sure they think I am a bit odd. But my grandkids, all their friends are online all the time, not only interacting with each other but blogging, using social networks, finding music, videos and such. So basically, I am thinking that age, economic,social, and personality groups have a lot to do with the internet community statistics at this point in time. And that this has a big effect on blogging, who blogs and what they blog about. Reading your column brought this idea into my head…that people who use the internet for promotion need to think about this.’

Thanks for the comment, 2ton, and it’s great that you are taking your passions and interests online!

You are right, a lot of thought needs to go into the target audience in order to reap the rewards of such online marketing methods via new media. Sometimes, it’s best to just stick to traditional media if your target audience doesn’t go online much. But then again, using new media as a promotional channel is pretty economical, practically free (but does require much time and effort for monitoring and updating), and is something that many today can’t afford not to have as well as part of their marketing mix.

The seductive thing about using new media for promotional means is that it’s less obvious, as people don’t really feel that they are at the receiving end of things as they get to participate in it too! And it’s great fun, like when I get to discuss common interests with others, like with you! And I also get to hear from others and read what they say like Sophia’s comment:

 “But there was one disappointment though, after Bohemian Rhapsody, we wanted more! It would have been great to continue the energy with a few more songs! Producers, are you reading this?”Ha! I love it…it was so much like a rock concert that you wanted an encore!!! LOVE IT!!! Great blog…I have posted it on MiGNation Information Portal at http://www.mignation.com with a link to your blog. It’s great to here from fans along the WWRY tour!! Thanks, Sophia

Thanks for your comment, too, Sophia.

Are we not creating links and communicating with each other? I mean, we are literally worlds apart, and if not for new media, we would unlikely be communicating with each other. And are we not also promoting MiG and WWRY at the same time? Well, I guess that’s the power of New Media and the age of participation!

Cheers, I hope to continue to hear from you, and from others too!


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