Could have been a love story

Came across this little cute could have been love story on Youtube.

It shows a pair of friends communicating via the Facebook chat function, and while they are clearly into each other (to the viewer), they keep revising what they want to say, stripping off all sentimentality and emotion from their original expressions and paring them down to seemingly nonchalant and platonic responses, such as a simple cool.

While social media platoforms do make it easier for someone to access another person and communicate with each others, especially in real-time, the usual should-I say-this and what-will-he/she-think-of-me-if-I-say-this hang-ups still remain in (budding) relationships.

In a way, that’s quite reassuring and that’s what makes this such a cute little story. Could-have, should-have…well, it could have been a love story. Enjoy.

I’m sure you will smile when you watch it.


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21 Responses to Could have been a love story

  1. Jason Lim says:

    I think they should tell them how they really feel because we should not live in regrets. Nevermind if the results is not what you wish to get in return, it’s alright with our love is not rewarded at least we gave a try and tell the other party how we feel. After all, what don’t kills us eventually makes us stronger in person.

  2. robin says:

    If this story were true, i feel its actually quite a pity to let such a relationship chance slip by because of their lack of courage to confess up to each other. I think we should all learn to be more bold and seize the chance to express what we really feel at times because you never know what might happen and you might not have the chance to say it again

  3. Ihsan says:

    Rather interesting video..:D I have to say that i am sometimes guilty of hiding my own personal feelings online during chat sessions be it with my friends or someone special..haha..i guess i’d have to stop hiding my true feelings from now on since you could regret it sometime in the near future..:D

  4. Dewaine says:

    This is quite a cute video and I liked it! 😀

  5. Alicia says:

    This video should be used to teach people one of life’s meaningful lesson- self expression. I find that the moral of this video is really important to everyone. The moral is to express out what and how we feel about certain things as we would not regret it. I agree with what Jason has commented, which is that it’s okay if we did not get our desired results but at the very least, we know that we tried. If we do not try at all, there would never be a slight possibility of getting out desired results, so why not give it a shot?

  6. Tian Tian says:

    Interesting!! Maybe new media make us far away from each other. Even freinds and boyfreinds, they prefer chatting trough new media than facing them. Are we too lazy to face and chat with others? I hope this kind of thing never happens to me, lol…

  7. Ronlad says:

    I am one of this kind who keep revising on whatever I want to reply online. I believe many of us have this habit as well.
    I think that this is because we tend to think too much about the effects of our replies before posting, trying to prevent any misunderstanding issues.

  8. blogscapes says:

    Thanks for all your comments.I believe that we should always check what we are posting so that we do not offend others intentionally or unintentionally. However, we should also be clear about what our objectives are when communicating. In this case, the two of them have something to say to each other but end up not saying it. Anyway, maybe such things should be left to face-to-face communications?

  9. Bryan says:

    I agree with ms low that communicating romantic interests should be dealt with in person. Its a lot more sincere and meaningful when you personally hear the words and make eye contact with one another instead of hiding behind the screen.

  10. Raj says:

    I guess that this video really showed how much we hold back from each other while chatting online. This proves that meeting up in person is much more sincere. I may even be backspacing whatever i just typed but then again, who can we trust? So yea, meeting up in person is much more better ! 🙂

  11. Norine says:

    I feel that sometimes people should be more open to what they say to their friends on the net, if they know each other. Cause when they change the meaning in each of their sentences, sometimes people do not understand each other and thus in the end even if they have feelings for each other the other party will not know of it.

  12. kimberlyn says:

    i find this interesting as people always think what to send to the other party in order to maintain chat to go on and on without stopping but because they are shy to show it therefore they just minimize their words without showing how they feel.
    Now a days people tend to show more of their emotion through typing than speaking out loud as when u see the bf or gf you will not likely to scold them in face. but when u sms or msn them u can scold all the nice words by typing it out.

  13. Geoffrey says:

    This is so true indeed. The video itself is interesting and funny. It’s amazing how each of them actually hesitated to write to the other party for fear of showing their trueful feelings to them. Thumbs up to video.

  14. Gerard Ong says:

    They should express their love freely if they truly love each other. If they talked face to face, they would freely share their love. New media is just a bridge to say not what they really mean. You can backspace your sentence but in real life, you get no second chance.

  15. Adeeb says:

    Well I think because of new media its sort of bad because now you have the option of ‘taking back your words’ literally. Gone are the days of blurting out stuff by accident. Its a double edged sword in a sense.

  16. Candice Ann Ann Chin says:

    Yes, it could have been a love story. I like the way how both of them consider the possible feelings of the other party before they post anything.

    I wonder if the difference in communication through New Media and face-to-face have an effect on the interpretation of the actual meaning by the other party.

    It is still better to have a face-to-face communication.

    A cute video you have uploaded. Great job!

  17. Rozaidi says:

    I really like the video. It’s cute and funny. I think that ppl should really meet up face to face more and express their true feelings. like the video said “try it, you wont regret it”.

  18. Isaac says:

    I’m in the same current situation more or less actually. I think a face to face talk / meet up would be a better choice to express ourselves. typing on the internet are just plain short messages.

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