Richard Branson’s ‘Project’ iPad

Sir Richard Branson has done it again – got himself in the limelight, that is.

He just unveiled his latest project, Project yesterday. Branson calls it “a paperless revolutionary multimedia publication designed specifically for the iPad.” It will feature entertainment, travel, culture and business articles. You can download it for $3.

Catch the digital front cover of Project.

Branson’s efforts beat Rupert Murdoch’s bid at iPad publications. Murdoch has planned to launch an iPad-only newspaper early next year.

Whoever beats whom to get iPad publications to the public, it’s iPad that wins, as many publishers start launching their iPad versions.

In Singapore, Style Magazine has launched the country’s first interactive digital magazine, Style, on iPad. And it looks that there are more on the way.

With Google Books making inroads into the e-book market, we could expect more people curling up with their e-book readers and iPads!


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