Farmville Death

Just a few months back, we were horrified about how a Korean couple ended up killing their real child when they spent too much time on their virtual child.

Now, there’s another game-related death of a child. We are once again horrified by how a mother’s obsession and addiction to the Facebook game, Farmville, has led to the death of a baby.

The 22-year old mother from Jacksonville was so incensed by her 3-month old baby’s cries while she was playing Farmville that she shook him hard a couple of times, which probably caused the baby’s head to hit against something and he died as a result. Who would think that an innocuous site like Farmville could have such a devastating and deadly impact!

According to Mashable/Social Media site,

FarmVille, named one of the “worst inventions” in recent decades by Time magazine, has more than 60 million members, most of whom access the game through Facebook. Some players have found it so addicting that they’ve lost their jobs and racked up debts north of S1000.

Someone once told me that her brother was so addicted to the game that he would set his alarm clock to wake him up to harvest his crops, and that could even be at 3am in the morning!

Well, I guess losing sleep over a game is one thing, but killing a life…that’s something else all together.

Stop letting such virtual games get in the way of REAL LIFE!


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