TV vs web audiences

Just a quick post on something I came across that just reinforces what we know about web audiences, about how they are more impatient  and do not really read but scan mostly.

The article has a comparison of TV and web audiences and I’m reproducing the summary table here for you:

  TV Web
Audience Mass: everybody watches the same basic channels, so the programming has to be bland Niche: everybody seeks out their own special interests the moment they want something
Usability Turn it on Figure it out
Technology Weak: can’t do anything except show pictures; offers no features Powerful: can do almost anything; offers plenty of features
Main access UI “Same time, same channel” next week Search and navigation
User experience Passive: sit back and let it happen the way the program director decided Active: lean forward and decide where you want to go at any time
Flow Linear Hypertext
Distractions None (except for temptation to do something else during commercials), so you stay focused on the one show you’re watching Many: other windows and tabs beckon (and you’d better check your email right now in case something important has come in)
Ownership MSM (main-stream media = big corporations, because it’s expensive to run a broadcast network) The means of production are in everybody’s hands, reversing the centralization caused by the industrial revolution
Production values High Low
Social context Often with others; in a family room Usually alone; in an office or den
Brand-building Image and slogans Experience
Good for advertising? Yes No (except search and classified ads)
Sales cycle support Demand creation Research, buying, fulfillment (for electronic products), customer support, relationship maintenance

One thing that really strikes me is the amount of distraction you get online, and the compulsion to multi-task when you get online!

Oh, excuse me, let me check on the other page that’s loading and the attachment that I’m waiting to be downloaded and the article I’m waiting to upload… 




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