Facebook can save you from a jail term!

Who would think that being on Facebook can save you from a jail sentence!

That thought definitely did not cross 19 year old, Rodney Bradford’s mind when he posted a question to his girlfriend about his breakfast on his profile.

That timing proved to be the time when a robbery he was suspected of as being the criminal, was staged, and the investigators were able to trace the post to be from his father’s keyboard, which indicated that he was nowhere near the crime scne.

So, in a way, Facebook saved him from a jail term, and the facebook alibi  saved him!

By the same token, I wonder if someone who posted on his profile or blog that he was drink driving or using his handphone while driving or, worse, that he had committed some great crime, would be charged for his ‘online confession’?


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3 Responses to Facebook can save you from a jail term!

  1. Diana Yow says:

    HAHA. This is funny.

    So facebook has its used besides those silly quizzes, questionaires and games.

    Facebook has helped many companies and oraganisation. Even the police are using Facebook(surprised?), to post up pictures of wanted criminals and in hopes that the public can help identify them and notify the police as soon as possible.

    Now I wonder, do those criminals have facebook account too? haha.

  2. syafiqZ says:

    I agree with Diana. I wont be surprise that ex-offenders one day would have to sign up Facebook so that the police could monitor them. Somehow.

  3. fizah says:

    After reading this post, I found out that social media websites like facebook or even twitter is deem as a useful tool in search for evidence of our where abouts; especially when it serves as an advantage – when we are really in need of it.

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