State of the Blogosphere

Technorati’s report on the State of the Blogosphere is out!

And according to the report, Technorati states that “the growth of the blogosphere’s influence on subjects ranging from business to politics to the way information travels through communities continues to flourish. In a year when revolutions and elections were organized by blogs, bloggers are blogging more than ever, and the State of the Blogosphere is strong.”

Released over a 5-day period, the report covers the following:

Definitely a must-read for those into blogging and new media! It’s interesting that the report has a section on Twitter – a testimony to the growing popularity of Twitter. In fact, Twitter’s popularity has grown so much that Google and Microsoft have been in competition to seal deals with Twitter for their serach engines to index Tweets!


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An intrepid explorer into the the brave new dimensions of the blogosphere and new media landscape.

5 Responses to State of the Blogosphere

  1. Mark Christian says:

    I think this is a very good post. The linked articles give a lot of information on the mindset and behaviour of bloggers.

  2. Gordon says:

    Really interesting read! Insightful into many things not known about blogs & bloggers!

  3. Nicholas says:

    Interesting story!! =D

  4. Dominic says:

    The links of the 5-day reports have a lot of interesting information about blogs and bloggers. Nice surveys done.

  5. blogscapes says:

    Indeed, some useful information and revelations. Interesting to see the close connection between blogging and Tweeting.

    Would be interesting to see what a local study throws up!

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