New Media Shopping

In my previous post on how publications like TIME are using new media to supplement their print editions, I see that many shopping centres are also turning to new media to publicise their wares and draw in customers.

Take the departmental store in Singapore, Tangs, for example. It not only has its Tangs website, you can now be its fan on Tang’s facebook, follow it on Tang’s Twitter, watch its video channel which fetaures interviews with fashionistas, and even visit its online virtual store in Second Life!

The challenge is of course to convert all that online interaction into real currency exchanges for the store!


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7 Responses to New Media Shopping

  1. Rachel says:

    Tang’s on secondlife??!! Ok, maybe it’s for advertising purposes…

  2. Syed says:

    Tangs is on Second Life? Interesting. Plenty of shops are on that stupid game too anyway. Second life is nonsense, can;t believe people use real cash on that crap.

  3. jierui says:

    this is a good way of advertising, it is very useful to use it. And to allow people to see their selling products online.

  4. Min says:

    it is also a convenient way to shop too. You don’t need to go down to the shop to purchase the items. You can do it online. Save time and save transportation cost.

  5. Syabrina says:

    Hmm maybe, in my opinion, this is one of the strategies used by Tangs to attract their customers. Maybe it is also a way for them to keep track of their repeated customers who always buy their products. It is also a way of the Tang shop to publicise their new products online by sending them through emails or on their own Tang website. This will keep their customers updated on their new products. This also might boost the number of customers they have as compared to the walk in customers. It is because people might not have the time to go shopping and they can just look at the products online and at the same time shop online too =D

  6. mengying says:

    i do like the way of living, and it benefits us a lot, we can control and manage our time more flexible than the traditional way.

  7. Diana Yow says:

    I think its good, especially for shopaholics like me.

    If I cant possibly go out to look at the shop’s goods, at least I know that there’s a catalog online just a click away!

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