George Yeo on Facebook

I’ve written previously about how politicians are using new media to reach out and stay connected with the public. Local politician Mr George Yeo has been one of the ‘pioneers’ amongst his politican peers to use new media. He started with his blogging and then progressed to having a Facebook page which he updates pretty regularly. So now, you can go on and poke George Yeo. He go so popular that he exceeded the 5000-friends limit and has since started a new public facebook page to accommodate the ever-increasing number of friends and suuporters.

It seems that his use of new media has helped to make him more approachable. Just the other day, a student who was facing some Visa problems for her trip to the US emailed him, and he was able to help her sort out her mess. No doubt, this will help boost his popularity even further and will no doubt prompt others to turn to him for help. Already, many supporters are sending him messages and leaving him encouraging notes on his facebook page!

It certainly looks like Mr George Yeo has found success with new media!


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3 Responses to George Yeo on Facebook

  1. Joshua Chee says:

    Wow. Even a minister goes to facebook. Just goes to show how much people depend on all these just to know each other better.
    Pretty cool.

  2. Benjamin says:

    Maybe the goverment should try to go onto new media more. Most of our thoughts are post there.

  3. Kok Wee says:

    yea… sure there are ppl keen to have the first hand news also.

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