‘Crossroads of the East 1938’ heritage video on Youtube

Recently, I caught a news article about a heritage video of Singapore, entitled Crossroads of the East 1938 that  has been found on Youtube.  It’s an interesting take on old Singapore from a colonial perspective, and offers a great source as a video for NE!

Youtube does offer a treasure trove of interesting nuggets if you dig hard enough!

At this point, let me share with you my very own video. It’s my first digital story based on my trip to Israel. Hope you will enjoy it. It  goes to show how easy it is (well, not so much the creation of the digital story – from the writing, to recording, to editing, etc – all that took longer than I expected) to share your personal story with the world on Youtube!

It’s entitled Road to Emmaus


Shalom and Happy Easter!


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2 Responses to ‘Crossroads of the East 1938’ heritage video on Youtube

  1. OMG loved reading this post. I submitted your feed to my google reader.

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