Fighting the Israel-Hamas war on New Media

2009 saw the continuation of the Israel-Hamas battle over the Gaza Strip which had started about a week and a half before the end of 2008.

I recall the very moment I had first inklings of the war. I was in my hotel room in Tiberius watching the news and I could not believe what I was hearing – that the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas had ceased and Hamas was launching rockets into southern Israel.

I was wondering if our tour to Jerusalem would be affected. Thankfully, no, and we were able to experience an amazing Jerusalem.

Yes, I know that might have sounded selfish, but seriously, I didn’t have a clue how serious the incidents were! Which also goes to show that when you are travelling, a lot of times, you get cut off from the traditional news and also new media and hence you don’t get updated on info, which goes to show how much we rely on the media for info and hpw the media often shapes our worldviews (ok, so i digress…)

I thought all was well..I mean no news is good news, right?

A few days after we got back from Israel, I watched  the news and heard that war had broken out.  Such is the fragile peace in that region.

Besides ‘conventional’ warfare (well, frankly, there should be nothing conventional about warfare!) both sides are fighting it out using new media. Propagangda is being propagated via Youtube!

The Israel government even has a Youtube channel that shows footage of bombings of Hamas military sites. They do this to counter the rumours circulating that they are targeting civilian sites.  I am not featuring any videos by the Israelis or the Hamas here but a quick check on Youtube will show you the multiple videos that have been uploaded officially as well as unofficially.

The war is also taking place in the blogosphere as bloggers slug it out in a war of words and persuasion.

You can read more about it at


Well, so we can now get a closer look at the war – does it make things better? 

Let’s pray for peace.



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