Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

Blogscapes wishes all shalom and a blessed Christmas and a happy new year 2009!


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2 Responses to Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

  1. Jensen says:

    hello. happy christmas, and merry new year!! 😀 may i be brazen enough to request for a blog post on the latest Israel and Hamas issue? i believe things would be as spicy on the internet as it would be on printed matter and tv news.

    Seriously speaking however, this issue is indeed of great concern to the public as it is almost like a full-fledged war already.

    another suggestion would be the recent singapore flyer issue. =) looking forward to your next post.

    • blogscapes says:

      Hi Jensen,

      Thanks for your well-wishes and comment.

      Well, I will not be writing a post on the Israel-Hamas conflict nor the S’pore Flyer situation, but what I’ll do is to give some of my comments here.

      I was actually in Israel when the first signs of trouble broke out. I remember being in our Tiberius hotel and watching the news state that the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel had ceased! That was sad news indeed. We were able to go on to Jerusalem and there was no sign of trouble. It was only after we got back that further news broke out about the escalating conflict between the two.

      That really speaks of the fragile peace in Israel and the Middle East. One thing I learnt is the fierce pride of the Israelis in their land and they will do their utmost to defend it. We hope that things will cool down and that peace will reign.

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