PAP and New Media

A few weeks ago, I talked about Obama’s Youtube communications method, as well as touched on the local government announcing its wish to engage more, especially the young, via new media.

There’s been recent information about how the use of  new media should be allowed by political parties as it helps put their message out there and reach the Internet-savvy young.

Earlier this month, the Advisory Council on the Impact of New Media on Society (AIMs) presented its report on Internet regulations, with recommendations made for laws on political videos and online election material to be relaxed.

Young PAP Chairman, Teo Ser Luck, together with his deputies will be looking into this.

What can they do to embrace and employ new media? How could they be successful? Would they be successful? What do you think?


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2 Responses to PAP and New Media

  1. Jensen says:

    Hello. I’ve quickly read through the article on the use of new media by political parties. What i feel is that they are rather smart to raise this issue NOW- before technology advances further and things spiral out of control.

    Indeed, regulations and laws have to advance in stride with the ever improving technologies. By coming up with amendments for the use of New Media, as well as the need to go through a panel of advisors before a film is banned, would definitely be beneficial. It enables the government retain a strong grip on circulating political contents on the internet, and yet give citizens and politicians enough breathing space.

    The only fears that i have is that using the new media would actually reduce the amount of “real” contact that the government would have with its people. Instead of the ministers making house-calls, they’d be going online to meet their people using new media. This way, they’re neglecting the personal touch that is needed to maintain a strong relationship with the people.
    I dare not deny that using new media will put the ministers in closer proximity with their constituencies but i feel that they should proceed with extra caution.

    What with all the hacking-into websites of big corporations and organisations, the next target could be the new media content of the ministers. If that happens, chaos will reign.

    The pros and cons of new media still remains much to be debated.

  2. blogscapes says:

    Hi Jensen,

    Thanks for your comment. You have made some good points.

    I thought it was interesting that you mentioned

    “The only fears that i have is that using the new media would actually reduce the amount of “real” contact that the government would have with its people.”

    Well, I guess the would need to ensure that they maintain sufficient contact with the public on all fronts.

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