Mumbai Terrorist Attacks and New Media

The deplorable recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai have made major news headlines all over the world.

For Singapore, the attacks have hit close to home as they have claimed the first Singaporean life due to a terrorist attack. Many mourn the loss of Singaporean lawyer, 28 year-old Lo Hwei Yen, who was shot execution-style while she was at the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai on her fateful business trip.

Discussions in cyberspace amongst locals about Lo Hwei Yen’s capture and her sad and untimely death played out since the time news broke about her capture as a hostage. 

We can only hope that more can be done to prevent such attacks.

While the attacks were still taking place, a different but altogether, hectic and frenzied activity was also taking place in the ‘parallel’ universe in cyberspace. Bloggers all over Mumbai were posting live updates of the situation, and this truly underscores citizen journalism as an alternative/complement/supplement to news coverage.

Some were uploading photos of the damage from the attacks on the luxury hotels, and many of these were also loaded onto Flikr. The micro-blogging site Twitter also saw a lot of intense action as Tweets on the attacks were sent – at one point 80 Tweets were sent within 5 seconds!

There were also reports of survivors who were trapped in the buildings getting information from their mobile phones and Blackberries – they were surfing for information, ironically, on what was happening in the very same buildings they were in, but were left out of (in terms of info received).

There’s a blog that collects all the social media representation of the event.

All this goes to show that while mainstream news would not be able to provide such comprehensive coverage in such a short time, the world got to know about the events in such a short time, and while they were unfolding too, due to the ubiquitous nature new media has taken on, and new media’s role in news coverage

And with that, globalisation has taken on a new meaning and added dimension.


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4 Responses to Mumbai Terrorist Attacks and New Media

  1. I was on twitter throughout the ordeal and somehow, it felt like that was the least i could do.
    people who couldn’t get info beyond the indian shores, found key info through twitter. However, it has its own drawbacks… I have featured a few tweeple on my blog who kept me informed… do have a look:

  2. blogscapes says:

    So were you near Ground zero, so to speak as you were twittering? Looks like you have a pretty good network of info going on there! Thanks for the sharing.

  3. Jensen says:

    Seriously speaking, those terrorists are really inhumane (as if no one knows >.< .. LOL[Laughing Out Loud] at myself ). Sometimes i really wonder if these actions (the terrorism) were indeed necessary. It wouldn’t make governments accede to their requests, but would in fact turn the whole world against them. I thought terrorists wants certain things done their way? Brutality and violence definitely isn’t the way to achieve it.

    However, IRONICALLY again, their actions seemed to have gathered quite an amount of attention. Perhaps thats what the terrorists seek? I might be slow, but may I ask what actually riled the terrorists so much that they had to take innocent lives?

    I mourn the demise of Lo Hwei Yen, as much as any other citizen of Singapore probably would. Yet, sometimes things are just beyond our control. What with all the border disputes and arms-limits clauses, ownership claims and other ridiculous rules that seem very lop-sided yet reasonable, the world has been turned topsy-turvy, or rather, turvy-topsy.

    Its time that someone stood up, in fact everyone should, and made a positive change to the world, to the society. I really look forward to some miracles that could happen after president elect Mr Barack Obama takes over the reins. The world needs change. Hopefully the change starts there.

    P.S. The Thailand politics aren’t getting anywhere either. It’d be VERY amusing if the recently ousted politics party in Thailand (sorry, I actually don’t know what party is that) regains power due to getting a majority of votes in elections.

  4. blogscapes says:

    It seems that everyone is looking to Obama. Well, I guess hope can be very powerful.

    You are right – violence isn’t the answer but it seems that man is a slow learner in this aspect.

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