The modern online news site

I was just taking a closer look at the homepage of the Straits Times news site. I realised how much it’s changed from its earlier days, and it has now taken on a new dimension.

Besides the ‘traditional’ web news articles, the site has now incorporated various other new media platforms: blogs; forums; its video channel, RazorTV, its citizen journalist portal, Stomp; and even its online classifieds portal, ST701.

This multi-dimensional and multi-sensory approach to news sites seems to be the way to go, to reach out to a more IT and new media-savvy ‘readership’.

Not only that, with the online sales portal,, launching its FULL THROTTLE MocCarnival , an auto and car enthusiast event last Sunday on 23 Nov, it seems like a new trend has started, with online events spilling over into reality.


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2 Responses to The modern online news site

  1. 2ton says:

    The new media strikes again! Our local newspaper not only has an online presence, it has an interactive presence! You can send in pictures and news leads, and there are special online events, as well as reporters who run blogs with regular entries. Blogging has become extremely popular, and important in so many walks of life! A new blog site has just opened for Team MiG, as a tool to promote their own website and projects, but also to promote MiG Ayesa. Team MiG Global
    And as usual, advertising has a big presence on so many facets of the webesphere, like the online news outlets and various websites! It seems to have taken very well to the new media.

  2. blogscapes says:

    Hey, Team MiG Global is looking good!

    Well, most definitley, news sites can’t just be dispensing news now – they need to involve the public too as we now no longer want to be consumers of info, but prosumers (consumers+ producers) as well!

    As usual, it’s a pleasure hearing from you, 2ton! Another reader was telling me about how insightful your comments always are!

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