Obama and New Media

Obama has won the US Presidential elections, and will be stepping into the White House and Oval Office come January.

Many have seen his success at the elections last week to be very much tied up with his strong presence online, especially with the use of new media. Many have discussed Obama’s Youtube and Facebook win, and how he’s used new media to reach out to the masses, especially the younger voters, and made an emotional connection with them (via technology!). In a post I made months back, his win was already on the cards, given Obama’s Facebook domination!

Many see the Internet as a great equaliser, as anyone can use it, and most of its apps are virtually free (pun intended), and in Obama’s case, it has been an equaliser in his fight for votes.

From being a relative unknown, he’s now catapulted to being one of the most powerful men (if not, potentially, the most powerful man) in the world! For many, that signifies the American dream. That also signifies democracy. Beyond that, that also signifies the power of new media. 

And for the many who were not allowed to vote (apparently, many non-Americans wanted to!), they could get into the action online as well. There were many online polls that allowed participation by all (isn’t that just what Web 2.0 is about – the Age of Participation)! Even WordPress had its own virtual poll. So did Facebook and other online sites! Even my Fluff pet on Facebook could take part in the polls, and be voted for!

Not surprising, Obama won in those polls too, and the online poll figures do closely match the actual results. So, in a way, we can see the online world as a microcosm of the real world.


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5 Responses to Obama and New Media

  1. Jensen says:

    I quite agree that the New Media indeed plays a major role in garnering support, predicting the elections, analyzing extent of support, even predicting the election results.

    However, I thought that sometimes the New Media could have its bogus-elements too. Especially with the lack of restrictions when it comes to creating accounts, there could be one user with duplicates accounts, thereby fabricating an untrue phenomenon of a lop-sided win. Simply said, any person “A” could have 20 accounts and would have voted 20 times.

    Despite that, it was still evident that Obama’s popularity precedes all these doubts and uncertainties.

    Congratulations to Obama for the incredible win. Hopefully he would bring about a positive change to America’s economy, and thereby positively influencing the world’s economy.

  2. blogscapes says:

    Indeed, there are many lessons to learn from Obama’s win, especially in how his team has harnessed the power of new media!

  3. 2ton says:

    Another note on this subject, I have heard that Obama will be putting his “fireside chats” on his youTube channel, as well has having it broadcast on the radio. He is definetly a man of the new media generation!

  4. blogscapes says:

    Hi 2ton, your royal highness of Mig-dom! Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment.

    Yes, I read that Obama has plans to have his ‘fireside chats’ on Youtube! He really knows how to work his new media charm! Will be blogging on this next!

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