Facebook Killing

Loss of face in Facebook, so he killed his wife” – the irony in the headline of the short article in today’s Straits Times caught my attention. 

The article talks about how 34 year-old Briton, Wayne Forrester attacked his wife, Emma, with a kitchen knife and meat cleaver after she wrote in her Facebook profile that she wanted to meet other men. 

Forrester had just broken up with this wife and she had forced him out. Obviously, she didn’t just want him out in real life, but in virtual life as well, as she changed her Facebook profile status from ‘married’ to ‘single’, and posted messages that she was ready to meet new men. This drove an already devastated Forrester to the edge and the humiliation drove him to commit his ‘Facebook murder‘.

Apparently, people do take what’s written on Facebook profiles seriously!

For his action, Forrester has been sentenced to at least  14 years of imprisonment. That would give him plenty of time to think about what he’s done and perhaps his Facebook profile would state: Forrester is in jail regretting the Facebook killing of his wife.


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