Voice Thread

I’ve just been exploring another great site called Voicethread.

I heard about it at the Asian Congress of Digital Storytelling I attended about a couple of weeks ago. At the congress, one of the speakers shared on how Voicethreads could serve as a platform for a collective conversational kind of storytelling. The site allows you to post your voice comments on something you have posted. It could be an image such as photo or video footage or anything else they allow you to upload!

So, in the funny example of a Voicethread of a mother and her kids talking about a family photo, we see how each person could present their story relating to the photo. What a cool way for a family to gather their individual thoughts in such a collective way to remember the time they took the photo and their interpretation of the photo! And what a fun platform for a different style of digital storytelling!

Of course Voicethreads could be used in many other ways. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is using Voicethreads across the institution and in pretty interesting ways to Demonstrate, Explain, Interpret, Practice, Analyze, Report, Critique, Show Off, Have fun.

It’s also a new media platform for elearning, and educators could upload their teaching materials and talk about them, and invite comments and conduct a forum discussion around the materials! The basic account is free (which makes it cheaper than Camtasia) and it’s more accessible than using something like Breeze which requires you to find a server to store and stream the material.

In any case, it’s such a fun and nifty site to explore and could even be another great way for social networking. You should check it out!


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5 Responses to Voice Thread

  1. Angel says:

    I like voicethread too.. the mother and her kids photo is really funny. I posted it on my blog. http://angel.october8.net/?p=533

  2. blogscapes says:

    Hi Angel, thanks for your comment. Yes, the mother and kids voice thread is really humorous, in a pretty understated kind of way!

    Btw, interesting blog of yours!

  3. CharlesFosts says:

    I started using a research jobs site called Hound that I do not think anyone knows about because it is run by a small company that does not advertise. All Hound.com does is show you unadvertised job openings that are not publicly advertised. In my opinion, this makes your chances of getting jobs much better because the employers are not receiving many applications. I have gotten a ton of interviews through the site. If you are looking for a job I would highly recommend using it. Some of the listings had already been filled that I applied to but I still think it is a valuable resource.

  4. Farahin says:

    Oh wow, this is an amazing way of interacting! Instead of just typing comments, you can actually do voice comments and add your own video footage which makes it really interesting and engaging. It would be really cool if schools implemented this in our education. No more tedious writing or typing!

  5. Openuksa says:

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