Is the Web overtaking print media?

It seems like Web publishing is overtaking traditional print publishing, if the axing of four MediaCorp Publishing titles is anything to go by.

Yesterday, MediaCorp Publishing announced that it would cease publication of the following four titles: Vanilla, Kids Company, Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM), and Lime. According to Ms Zita Ong, MD of the company, this is the first time the company is closing any of its titles. However, the company has been quick to add that some of these titles may come back as online editions.

These moves have been attributed to the ‘evolving media habits of consumers and changing advertising trends’, according to a Today article on the issue.

Ms Zita Ong explained that the closing of the titles was a “sign of the times”, and that a title like Lime which started about 12 years ago and targets youth readers has been losing them to online news and entertainment channels.

It’s indeed a sad day when such print editions go out of fashion.

Are there more titles headed the same way?

Are our reading habits changing so drastically that a day will come that even our print  dailies become a thing of the past?


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One Response to Is the Web overtaking print media?

  1. Revathi says:

    As for me, I prefer print media. Academic wise, its rather easy to absorb infomation. However, new media and learning online helps a little, for me. For example, some diagrams or pictures of Bacteria,etc will not be as clear or avaliable in print media.Whereas, the Internet aids in my research and pictures to improve my learning.

    So,maybe there should be a balance. New Media AND Print Media. Not just a one sided affair. :B

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