Advisory Council of Impact of New Media on Society report

The Advisory Council on the Impact of New Media in Society is certainly quite a mouthful. In true Singaporean fashion, it’s been abbreviated to the acronym AIMS.

Its terms of reference are:

To study the far-reaching social, ethical, legal and regulatory implications of a rapidly-growing IDM sector; and

To make recommendations to the government on how these issues should be managed while keeping pace with the development of IDM in Singapore.

AIMS released its 103-page report on 29 Aug recently and is seeking feedback on the public over the next few weeks before they draft the final report to be submitted to the government. The press conbference was covered by reporters including radio journalists and an online audio report by them is available.

According to a Channel NewsAsia report, AIMS has suggested that “the making and distribution of political films be allowed and the ban on 100 websites in Singapore be lifted”.

The full report as well as the feedback facility are available at the AIMS website. Why don’t you take a look at the report and send AIMS your feedback as well as post your comments here as well?


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