Dr Mahathir’s blog and more

Everyone seems to have a blog these days.

Celebrities and politicians know that it’s one way to keep in touch with the public and let their views be heard.

Malaysia’s ex-PM has just started Dr Mahathir’s blog. In his blog preface, he writes, this site is dedicated to publishing my writings as and when I am able to pen my thoughts and opinion.

Interested parties, including the Press, are welcomed to reproduce or quote materials published here with the condition that they are credited to chedet.com.

Comments and feedbacks accompanied by names or pseudonyms are welcomed. Anonymous postings and those containing profanities and obscenities will be rejected.
– Che Det

He used Che Det, which is his nickname from before. Dr M mentions that  he would like to “allow a healthy debate and to gauge points of view which differ from [his] own”. I guess he’s not content with just letting his daughter’s views be expressed on Marina’s blog, but wants in on letting the people know what’s on his mind as well.

Well, in a way, Dr M’s blog is the latest in a series of blogs Malaysian politician’s both current and past are racing to set up.

Well, if local opposition politician from WP, Low Thia Khiang had a blog, then perhaps he could give us his side of the story, as to why he responded with deafening silence to PM Lee’s question in Parliament recently on the Mas Salamat issue.


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3 Responses to Dr Mahathir’s blog and more

  1. Cindy says:

    Oh yes, I’d like to know why Mr Low Thia Khiang kept quiet. For fear of incriminating himself, perhaps?

  2. blogscapes says:

    Well, there’s been many suggestions as to why he kept quiet, but I believe Mr Low himself mentioned that he didn’t think he needed to respond. In any case, if he had his blog, he would be able to clarify the matter in his own words!

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