MiG Ayesa on Singapore’s Power98 FM right now!

I’m listening to MiG Ayesa of WWRY fame on Power 98 FM right now. He’s having an interview and singing unplugged on the show!

What’s amazing with the Internet is that you don’t need the radio to listen to radio anymore. You just have to go to the Power 98 website  and click to listen live.

What’s more, even if you missed it, I’m pretty sure you can download the podcast to listen to it, or even if you didn’t miss it, fans of MiG will be able to download the podcast and listen to it again and again.

Yeah, the power of new media!

And MiG also plugged the use of new media for aspiring artistes. And he is one who knows the power of new media.


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6 Responses to MiG Ayesa on Singapore’s Power98 FM right now!

  1. Toni says:

    How amazing is this internet! Of course, one must have the appropriate equipement…I was not able to listen live to this show as I was traveling and have no laptop. But as you say, there is often an alternative such as the podcast awaiting for when I return home! And here I am, miles from home, using a borrowed computer to access my email where I am reading up on my google alerts…which brings me here!!! The new media is enough to boggle the mind but I LOVE it!

  2. blogscapes says:

    Hi Toni,

    Hey, how many sites do you have?? Amazing! It’s amazing how you can still remain plugged in while on the go, on holiday, etc but yes, you would need the right equipment. Nowadays, the devices are getting smaller and more portable which makes it easier! The only problem is that sometimes the temptation to go online is so strong that it takes the time from your other activities!

  3. 2ton says:

    I don’t exactly have sites of my own. I have several blog pages. AOL, MySpace, WordPress, Blogspot, Xanga, Multiply, facebook. I want to set up more but just haven’t had the time. They are pretty much all duplicates of each other. One of these days I will figure out how I can just do one, and it will autocopy to all the others, lol. The internets has a way of sucking down a large portion of my time…because I enjoy it. But I always have to remember to watch the time, there is the rest of life to enjoy, too.

  4. Blogscapes says:

    Hi 2ton,

    Glad to have you back! It’s true – the Internet has a way of using up your time, and you don’t even realise it mostly.

    Well, when you have found a way to do an instant update across all the sites, let me in on it too! cheers

  5. 2ton says:

    I haven’t logged in for a while! But thought it interesting about the aforementioned time element as far as “new media” is concerned! Now that MiG and his webmaster have taken on the project of running their new official website, you can see that some of the older projects have had to pretty much run on their own, with very little updating and such. (It is good that so many sites allow RSS feeds, so that they update automatically at least as far as MiG’s blogs are concerned). There is only so much time in a day to do these things, and with new things happening every day, things must be prioritized! So even with all the new media possibilities out there, unless you have enough staff, or you have no need for anything else in your life, you cannot utilize it all to the fullest extent. You have to pick and choose what and how you use it. Decisions and prioritizing is the name of the game!

  6. blogscapes says:

    Hi 2ton, good to hear from you again. You are so right about the need for time to do all the updates. It’s no joke having to keep track of various posts and updates, and with new media evolving all the time, even catching up with those changes can be a full time job!

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