Mig Ayesa on “We Will Rock You”

I caught the matinee performance of  We Will Rock You  last Saturday at the Singapore Esplanade Theatre, and had a really good time! Yes, the music was loud! The place really rocked and Mig Ayesa really rocked as the lead protaganist, Galileo Figaro.

I recall watching Mig on the reality TV show about INXS looking for a lead singer, and remembered that he had a really good voice and great presence on that show. Thus, it was a real treat to see him in person.

I must admit, though, that initially I wasn’t too taken with his portrayal of a geeky young boy, I mean he’s no 18 year old!  But when he sang, he really sang and he really rocked the house! Even on a Saturday afternoon! Mig was able to reflect the different layers and nuances of his character and that was matched by his ability to flex his voice and manipulate the wonderful sounds he created. No wonder the audience gave a standing ovation. Of course the rest of the cast were great  too.

I guess you can say that I’m a Mig fan now. Wanting to find out more about Mig, I decided to check the Internet. Guess what, instead of official Mig sites or We Will Rock You sites, I found many blogs devoted wholly to him! One of them was called Mig Ayesa, Rock Star Extraordinaire and is a great gateway to other Mig sites. I shall not replicate the links here but it has a pretty extensive blogroll to many other Mig sites, including Mig’s Myspace site. You get to read his blog (well, I’d like to believe that it’s him and not his publicist) and also write to him!

And you know what, I’ve now got Mig on my MySpace network (well, it’s the extended network, but hey, it’s still my network)! And there’s also the Mig music site where you can go to listen to his latest tracks as well as watch his music videos. You can also read about Mig’s experience in Singapore. There’s also Mig’s Youtube channel and you can subscribe to his videos. Mig is also on another community channel, Gather.com.

You know what, this guy is a whiz at using new media!

New media really works as a great marketing tool too. Not that we mind as we get to read and hear more about Mig and his music! Rock on, Mig! 


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7 Responses to Mig Ayesa on “We Will Rock You”

  1. If you are looking for the Official MiG Website, that is MiG-music.com. The url is http://www.mig-music.com.

    There are other fansites dedicated to MiG as well. Ours is called The Team MiG Global Fansite or Team MiG Ayesa. You can visit us at http://www.teammigayesa.com. We also have a very active fan forum where we chat about all things MiG and more!!

    Please stop by and visit sometime.

    So happy to see a new MiG fans!!

    Team MiG

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  3. 2ton says:

    You are so on the money about using all the new media to promote, as well as the traditional media. With both together, you can reach a maximum number of people! Great blog here, it is definately getting a thumbs up on Stumble Upon!

  4. 2ton says:

    Forgot to add, after checking the blog’s hot links I want to post that MiG’s own myspace site is http://www.myspace.com/miguelayesa
    The hot link is actually to one of the MiG satellite sites.

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  6. 2ton says:

    Just wanted to mention that on MiG’s myspace blog, it is actually MiG himself who writes the blogs. Even if he sends it to the “internet fairies” to post around, he does write it totally himself.

  7. blogscapes says:

    Hi 2ton,

    Thanks for the info- it’s really good that he finds time to write his own posts, and not some publicist! Glad to know that! I hope he finds time to respond to comments too! Perhaps after the run of WWRY here in Singapore.

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