Youtube will not play censorship board

 While many turn to Youtube for their entertainment needs, there are some who use Youtube for more sinister purposes. And while some upload Youtube videos showing inane, clean fun, there are others who use it to post offensive material such as porn and happy slapping videos.

According to a recent news report, about 10 hours of video footage is uploaded to the Youtube website every minute! Of course, that makes policing Youtube a tough job. And Steve Chen, Youtube’s co-founder has stated that it will not police the videos, as it’s basically impossible to do so. It relies on the Youtube to community to flag offensive materials, which it will then investigate to remove or not. We do recall orders by governments and even the Thai monarchy for Youtube to remove some material from the website before.

In a way, I guess this is really the age of participation and democracy, where the community becomes responsible for what the community watches.

Some other news of Youtube, which goes to show how popular it has become, it’s tied up with Vancouver Film School to have a video/film competiton with the winner offered a scholarship to the film school, and it even has it has its own Youtube video awards! Here’s a treat, the ‘Baby Laughing’, in the Adorable section, and ‘My name is Lisa’, the winning video in the Short Film category.


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