Doraemon and ‘Cool Japan’

Now, ain’t that cool or what – Japan has recently announced that its newest ambassador is Doraemon, the much loved cartoon robotic cat that was created in 1969. Doraemon is known not just in Japan, but worldwide.

Doraemon will be Japan’s anime ambassador, and a Japanese official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs remarked, “by appointing Doraemon, we hope people in other countries will understand Japanese anime better and deepen their interest in Japanese culture.”

Doraemon’s role has been taken very seriously by the Japanese government that Doraemon, as represented by a person dressed as the earless, blue-and-white cat will get his official assignment letter from Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura in a ceremony!

For those who have not seen Doraemon, here’s a treat for you – the first episode of Doraemon.


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2 Responses to Doraemon and ‘Cool Japan’

  1. QuaChee says:

    interesting that japan is taking their cartoon characters global – now with hello kitty being their tourism ambassador too. wonder where will the transformers fit in? 🙂

  2. blogscapes says:

    Hi QuaChee,

    Yes, it’s interesting how Japan is using their cartoon characters to reach the global market. Quite a clever move, actually, given that these characters are very much global icons already, and cartoons and anime are getting more and more popular! Hm…one wonders about Godzilla!

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