New Media and Politics – Obama, Hillary and Jeff Ooi

There’s been much talk about how politicians or those aspiring to political positions have been using new media to reach out to the electorate.

 Case in point would of course be Hillary and Obama. Not only have they posted videos of themselves on Youtube, but their supporters have been using the new media engine to further their cause.

Now, I did not watch Obama or Clinton live, and I also missed the telecast of their speeches on CNN, but thanks to Youtube, I can now follow their campaign trail and not just read, but actually watch them in action making their speeches!

Recently, there’s been much talk about Obama’s ‘We Can’ speech, that many are saying is reminiscent of Martin Luther King’s famous ‘I have a dream’ speech. In case you missed it, ie Obama’s speech, here it is:

Well, somehow, I don’t think that Obama has captured the same fiery and intense quality of King, but all the same, his speech has managed to re-ignite the interest and reverse the apathy of the youths in America in their country’s politics.

Lest I be accused of being partial, here’s something by Clinton:

Now, one very successful aspiring politician is Jeff Ooi, one of Malaysia’s known bloggers who took part in the Malaysian polls yesterday as a member of the opposition party, the Democratic opposition party. He was able to raise US$32 000 via an online fundraising campaign, and has managed to garner much support from his blog and other online activities that he’s won himself a seat in the Malaysian polls.

I wonder how much more support King would have gotten if he had new media in his day!


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2 Responses to New Media and Politics – Obama, Hillary and Jeff Ooi

  1. Gul Khan says:

    Hi Blogscape Artist 😉

    Interesting parallels that you’re drawing here about new media and politics and how Martin Luther King would have fared if he had all these wonderful tools at his disposal.

    But sometimes these things can end up being a poisoned chalice. I’m thinking about what happened to Edisen Chen, as you mentioned in your earlier post.

    Politicians today have to be squeaky clean (at least in the public eye) because overnight the world will hear about any misdemeanours.

    Maybe Martin Luther’s popularity was protected as much as it was hampered by the lack of new media in his day. We will never know.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. blogscapes says:

    Hi, thanks for the comments, Gul! You have a point there – new media can cut both ways, and it has, actually!

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