Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hm..maybe I shouldn’t be saying that so openly, what with the growing anti-Valentine’s Day movement that has been gathering momentum by the day leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Just look at the number of sites devoted to those who loathe Valentine’s Day: http://www.antivday.com/forum/ ; http://www.etsy.com/storque/section/spotlight/article/a-very-jaded-valentines-day/1011/ and many anti-V Day merchandise and articles. Looks like today’s communications technology allows for mass cyber-lamenting and self-pity.

This kind of reminded me about a group of people I read about recently  – Taiwan’s ‘home boys’ who proclaim themselves to be woman haters, and who are seen as being socially inept as they spend all their time playing online computer games and complaining on Internet chatrooms about women. Looks like misogyny has also gone high-tech via new media. It seems that they ‘prefer video games to trying their luck with women”.

According to an article, “Mr Hsu Wen-Hsiung, a bespectacled 26-year-old office worker who took part in the anti-couple demonstration last December, complained that women never had the patience to get to know him or allow him to show his good nature and sense of humour in a relaxed atmosphere”.

He said, “You spend so much time on the Internet that you don’t get to know women, and then failing to find a girlfriend, you go back to the Internet…it is a vicious cycle.”

Another 24-year-old college student, Lu Yung-ping, added, “You don’t have to be sad if you don’t have a date…we can huddle together and have some fun.”

I don’t know about you, but I felt a chill go down my spine.


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