Local blogs part of Singapore’s historical archives

In an earlier posting, I talked about how local bloggers are getting recognition. Further recognition is now given to local blogs as the National Library Board (NLB) has plans to add blogs to Singapore’s historical archives.” Besides adding recognition to local blogs, the move will help to “retain a comprehensive record of online content”.  

The blogs are regarded as “an ‘invaluable’ source of news and social commentary for the present and future generations of Singaporeans”.

Of course, the blogs will be selected and not every Tom-Dick-Harry blog will be archived. So far, eleven have been selected. Two of them include known blogs and bloggers such as Air-Conditioned Nation by media academic Cherian George and the satirical Mr Brown.

NLB will take digital snapshots of the selected blogs at least once a year and post their contents on the NLB web archive, which is free and open to public access.

According to George, the move is a welcomed one that helps to “recognise the value of multiple perspectives in telling the Singapore story.”


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3 Responses to Local blogs part of Singapore’s historical archives

  1. dororthy says:

    I think you better look again at your not any Tom, Dick and Harry tag. First of all these so called personalities the NLB have selected are hardly luminaries.

    Secondly, I wish to disagree, this is not a “comprehensive” list. How can it be? If the goal is to record history accurately, then why impose such a narrow ambit on what constitutes history? Thirdly, no information is given as to how the NLB derived at their criteria of selection. Has the NLB looked at what kind of publishing rate Mr Cherian George regularly churns out from any of his 3 blogs? Pls go and check. Saying a person has 3 blogs without mentioning how regularly he pubishes is like an eatery that opens once every years.

    This whole NLB thing certainly adds to a good laugh.

  2. COOLINGSTAR9 says:

    Blogging becomes more popolur than ever. People have already accepted blogging is a new hobby.

  3. blogscapes says:

    Thanks for the comments, guys.

    Coolingstar9, indeed, blogging is now pretty much accepted by society, and the NLB move has accorded it more legit status.

    dororthy, you are right – NLB has not really mentioned its criteria except that the ones selected tend to be more known, or at least have writers who are more known. Guess in the absence of other info, they need to use some kind of yardstick to go by, and the status of the contributors is a starting point. The thing is they intend to expand the pool, so I believe the process will mature as well over time.

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