New words on the block (blog…..get it?)

In my previous blog posting, I talked about how the Queen has switched to using new media to connect with the people. Not too long after, the Japanese PM was also announced to have used Youtube to give his new year message.

It certainly looks like many politicians and public figures are turning to new forms of media to reach to the masses, especially the younger ones. You can read more about this in the following blog:

In my previous posting, I also talked about new ‘IT’ or ‘new media’ words being included into the dictionary, thus legitimising their usage as mainstream words in everyday vocabulary. Now, the Collins English Dictionary has said that it would include ‘Facebook’ in its list of words. ‘Facebook’ will be indicated as a trademarked noun to mean “a popular social networking website” as well as a verb to mean “to search on a person’s profile on the Facebook website” such as in the sentence “I thought he would make the perfect boyfriend until I facebooked him”. 

So, it looks like we will have many people ‘facebooking’ each other and getting ‘facebooked’ in return!


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