MDA rap video

Want to take a look at the top brass at MDA grooving and shaking? Well, take a look at the new MDA rap video that has just been released to promote Singapore as a media hub.

See members of the senior management in moves never seen before!

The video has drawn mixed reactions. Some find it refreshing and hip, while others feel that they are trying too hard. In a way, it kind of reminds you of the time the post-65 PAP MPs did the hip hop number during the Chingay celebrations!

Anyway, love it or hate it, you can’t deny that it gets your attention. And it’s one of the fastest growing and most watched video these days. There are even parodies of the video in Youtube, and it’s known that any parody indicates a sure sign of success.


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2 Responses to MDA rap video

  1. aaronalex says:

    Hey.. Think this video is cool! it send the message across to say that new media is changing our lives. However, I think it’s better if they incorporate youngsters and dun sing by themselves! it’s disgusting..hehex!!

    Nonetheless! cool!

  2. blogscapes says:

    Yes, they have been receiving some flak for that. But you have to admit that they got a lot of attention from it. Now, everyone recognises the CEO!

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