Facebook becoming an online business hub

I know I have been writing a lot about Facebook in my recent postings. In a way, I can’t quite help it. Facebook keeps getting into the news these days!

The latest news is that Facebook is starting a new advertising avenue for advertisers to target its online users more directly. It plans to let advertisers use profiles of people who have bought stuff online and then use that person’s photo or info in an online ad targetted at his friends in his social network.

Doing this would allow advertisers to masquerade ads as online friendship links. Unsuspecting users would also be more open to receiving such info. Well, that’s what Facebook is hoping for.

 However, some people are already questioning such tactics by advertisers as there could be breach in personal privacy and security.

Well, what do the people are Facebook say to such fears of online users? It seems they will try it out until people complain. For them, there’s no harm in launching this new method of raking in advertiser dollars…until their users make noise. So, it looks like it’s up to online users to decide how they would like Facebook to be used.


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