Facebook’s (face)value

In two blog posts made last week, I wrote about the popularity of Facebook and how its creator Mark Zuckerberg turned down a good offer by Yahoo last year. Now, we know why…Mr Zuckerberg was just waiting for the next big offer! And it came a last week from none other than IT giant company Microsoft!

Cyberspace has been busy screaming ‘Microsoft buys into Facebook’ since the announcement was made last Wednesday. Microsoft paid a whopping amount of US$240 million for just 1.6% stakein Facebook, putting the value of Facebook at a staggering US$15 billion! No wonder Mark Zuckerberg can’t stop smiling!

Microsoft’s purchase is an endorsement of the growing popularity of Facebook, and how true, with 200, 000 signing up as members each day, Facebook looks set to be the most popular social networking site around!


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8 Responses to Facebook’s (face)value

  1. KokChuan says:

    i was surprise to find out that the value of FaceBook is over billions. How i wish i am the guy that created FaceBook. Microsoft even brought just one percent with 200million US dollar

  2. alaric says:

    its amazing to know that the new social networking website facebook is worth 15billion more it is getting more popular everyday.

  3. Soh Wei Yu says:

    15 billion for a social networking site? That’s really a lot…. Google only paid a tenth of that amount to buy the whole youtube.

  4. Tee Ming says:

    I’m sure that Mark Zuckerberg himself know that Social Networks can earn him lots of money. With 200,000 signing up as members each day, can you imagine how many members are there in Facebook after 1 year? That definitely attracts advertisers to spend lots of money just to put an ads on the site…

  5. derrick says:

    Seems to me that facebook is more popular than friendster, haha. This is what i call long cast fishing for big money, 15 billion!

  6. Tze Wee says:

    Network websites are becoming more and more popular. For a free sign up from the users, allows Mark Zuckerberg to earn a lump sum of money. Its really amazing how technology has been improving.

  7. Zhi Kai says:

    Having companies like yahoo and microsoft trying to make a deal with Mark Zuckerberg, just shows how popular facebook is and the potential it holds.

  8. Aaron Alexander says:

    Indeed there are many of such sites that were setup purely for money making. In the past, this idea of social networking was just simple ideas to make people have more friends, with the first of it’s kind – Friendster, then with YouTube being bought over by Google and this had created a money churning exercise.

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