Blog scholarship: Singaporean blogger Kevin Lim in the running

The blog comes of age!  There’s now a blog scholarship offered by The Daniel Kovach Scholarship Foundation for college students in the US. Talk about giving legitimiacy to the blog, and recognising its power as a powerful medium of communication and influence!

This is the first ever blog scholarship and the winner stands to get a US$5, 000  scholarship annually.  One of the requirements for nominations is that the “blog must contain unique and interesting information about [the blogger] and/or things [the blogger] is passionate about.”

And in the group of 20 selected to be in the running for the scholarship is Singaporean blogger, Mr Kevin Lim, a PhD student taking communications at the State University of New York in Buffalo.

Kevin Lim has been blogging since 2004 and has covered numerous topics in his blog, ranging from “intellectual property rights to social phenomena in cyberspace”.

I managed to find his blog (I say ‘find’ as surprisingly, the newspaper article that featured Kevin didn’t list it!) and you can read more about Kevin and his potentially-award-winning blog at theory. isthereason.

The winner will be chosen by a public balloting system on the college website.  A quick check on the site shows that Kevin is not in the top running currently, but it’s early days yet, with voting closing in the first week of November. Another quick check online shows that some people out there are already actively canvassing support for Kevin!

Here’s wishing Kevin all the very best as one of the contenders for the world’s first ever blog scholarship! In fact, his very nomination has helped to place Singapore on the global blogmap.


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3 Responses to Blog scholarship: Singaporean blogger Kevin Lim in the running

  1. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the support! I didn’t think it’d be that big a deal, but I do feel honored to be listed among the 20 college bloggers. 😉

  2. blogscapes says:

    Hey, thanks for coming by Blogscapes, Kevin! Yes, it’s pretty big deal, as it’s the first blog scholarship, ever, I believe, and also a Singaporean has been nominated and is in the running! All the best and keep us posted.

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