Singapore teacher Otto Fong comes out in his blog

Last Sunday, I took part in the Shape Run (5 km category)! It was my first foray into taking part in any kind of such runs. Half a year back, if someone had told me that I would be running 5 km, I would think the person mad. Half a year back, I could barely jog for 10 minutes, let alone 40 minutes continuously (btw, I clocked a time of just under 40 mins during the Shape Run, which to me, is a pretty respectable timing, given the little ‘training’ I went through to prep for the run).

Now, you may think- what does this have to do with New Media? What does this have to do with the Singapore teacher in a top boy’s school (everyone knows it’s Raffles!) who came out in his blog?

Well, in the past, if I had wanted to announce my participation in the Shape Run, I would have to tell my friends and family members only, and have them share it with others. To announce anything to the world, well, that would take some form of advertising, and how many would actually do that?

But today, thanks to Web 2.0 and ‘prosumer’ technologies, I can now share my Shape Run experience with the entire world, well, okay, the cyberworld, and well, maybe not everyone in cyberworld (afterall, how many would actually be interested in knowing about my Shape Run), but the potential is there…you get the idea?

So, it’s strange and pretty naive of the teacher in Singapore who came out in his blog to declare his homosexual tendencies to think that he was only sharing that info with his family and close friends. Did he think that his students would not have access to his blog as well?

His ‘blogcast’ of sorts has created a buzz in the blogosphere and definitely amongst his students. Views remain divided about his sexual orientation as well as his announcing of it. Some call him brave for announcing and putting his real self for all to see. Others see him as being foolhardy for doing so, as that may actually cost him his job.

What do you think?



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4 Responses to Singapore teacher Otto Fong comes out in his blog

  1. steffi says:

    Congrats on taking part in the 5km run. You should train for a 10km run..maybe the standard chartered..

  2. blogscapes says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Steffi. Will prob stick to 5km runs for now, but who knows, if I can discipline myself to train more…

  3. KokChuan says:

    teachers creating blog for themself….well good is that the student and teacher relationship would be closer.

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