Gaming addiction

The desperation of gaming addicts continues to astound.

Last week, a Sec 4 student, Syafic Hussin,  pleaded guilty to housebreaking and theft, and hurting a 19-year-old youth who woke up and found Syafic in his room, trying to steal from him.

Why did Syafic do it? He stole because his parents had refused to give him any more money to buy accesories and game cards for his online games.

Syafic had also stopped going to school to play on the computer all day. He only paused for meals. He enjoyed role-playing games and felt a sense of thrill to be in character. I wonder if his act of violence has anything to do with his role-playing games.

Reading about this case, I can’t help but recall another act of desperation by another gaming addict, Garyl Tan, who was caught mooching (tapping illegally into others’ broadband access) as he cycled around his neighbourhood with his computer trying to find an unsecured network.

With gaming becoming more popular, especially with large scale events like the the World CyberGame Championships being organised, I think that more and more youngsters will fall into gaming addiction. Just like other addicts such as gambling and drug addicts who have received much attention and hence help, there needs to be some focus on gaming addicts too, so that we don’t end up with more Syafics and Garyls in our midst. 


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